Your Walk to School Day Event

Walk to School Day is observed annually on the first Wednesday in October. In the past, schools have done a wide variety of activities ranging from large events requiring a great deal of planning to simply covering pedestrian safety tips in the classroom and encouraging students to walk to school.

Walk to School Day 2010 at Richmond Elementary School in Appleton

If you are interested in participating in Walk to School Day, the East Central Regional SRTS Program has toolkits which are available to any school participating in the Regional SRTS Program.  Toolkits include promotional and educational materials, student incentives (t-shirts, Subway gift cards, etc.) and information and resources which will provide guidance while organizing an event.

Schools that participate in Walk to School Day are encouraged to complete a post-activity survey conducted by the East Central SRTS Program which makes the school eligible to receive additional student incentives.  Another great resource for materials and ideas is the International Walk to School Day in the USA website.  You can register your event on the website which will give you access to additional downloadable materials, make your school eligible to receive prizes, and provide you with a weekly e-newsletter with valuable tips for holding a great event.

To register your school to receive a Walk to School Day toolkit please click here.  For additional information please contact Lauron Clark or Ashley Tracy at (920) 886-6816.

Downloadable Materials: