Bike and Walk Audit Maps

Bike/Walk Audits are a crucial assessment tool used when implementing a SRTS program.  Individuals conducting the audits take an inventory of existing conditions and note any safety concerns related to students walking or biking.  To view the complete Bike/Walk Audit checklist click here.

The audits identify safety issues and gaps in bicycle and pedestrian facilities at and around the school site and are used to help develop specific recommendations based on the 5-E’s.  Audits are conducted when beginning a SRTS program and periodically thereafter to track any changes.  Below you will find a list of completed audits listed by school district.  The maps are a “snapshot” in time and are subject to periodic updates as improvements are made and existing conditions change.

City of Appleton’s SRTS Maps

Chilton School District

Green Lake School District

Marion School District

Rosendale - Brandon School District

Westfield School District

Weyauwega-Fremont School District

Winneconne School District