Oshkosh Area School District

Oshkosh SRTS CrestThe Oshkosh SRTS Committee is comprised of individuals from the Oshkosh Police Department, Oshkosh Transportation Department,  Oshkosh Area School District, student, parents, other community members, along with other city, regional, and state government.  The committee began in 2005 as a group of concerned individuals which came together after a student was struck and injured by a vehicle.  The group has been meeting regularly since that time to address bike and pedestrian safety issues at and around schools in the community along with organizing events and activities to promote walking and biking safely.  The committee also worked together to develop a city-wide local SRTS plan which was completed in 2008.  In 2010 the Oshkosh SRTS Committee was awarded a SRTS grant which included light infrastructure projects along with educational, encouragement, and enforcement pieces to enhance their SRTS program.

Oshkosh SRTS Plans

2008 Oshkosh Area SRTS Plan 

DRAFT Jefferson ES Local Action Plan

DRAFT Smith ES Local Action Plan

DRAFT South Park MS Local Action Plan