Regional Program

Walking School Bus Pilot

It’s Time to Get On Board…the Walking School Bus!

As a part of its Regional Safe Routes to School efforts, ECWRPC will be piloting Walking School Bus (WSB) programs with three schools in the fall of 2011.  Through this program, a part-time WSB Coordinator will work within each school to:  register students to participate, recruit and train volunteer “drivers” (e.g. parents) to lead the WSB, plan/schedule the routes, promote the program, and coordinate day-to-day activities.

To learn more about this healthy, fun, and environmentally-friendly initiative, please see the information found below.  If you are interested in starting a WSB at your school, please contact SRTS Staff .

What is a Walking School Bus?

Kids walking to school

Children walking to school

A Walking School Bus (WSB) is a group of children who walk to school together under the supervision of a trained adult leader.  The program promotes good health, a cleaner environment, and reduced traffic around school.

How Does the Program Work?

For each Walking School Bus route, a map and schedule will be published.  Each morning, the “Driver” will walk the route to school, picking up each child at a designated Walk Stop, which will be within one block of his/her home.

Who Is In Charge of the Children?

The School District recruits and trains qualified Walking School Bus “Drivers” (e.g. parents) to supervise the children during the walk to school.  All “Drivers” undergo a criminal background check.  Walking to school under adult supervision provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn about road safety and can also help prevent neighborhood crime.

If We Live Too Far From School?

Families living more than one mile from school can drop children off at a designated “Staging Post.”  Walking School Bus “Drivers” will pick them up here and continue the walk to school.

Why Participate?

  • Walking to school regularly will improve your child’s health and fitness.
  • Early morning exercise will lead to better behavior, focus, and academic performance in class.
  • Fewer families driving their children to school means less traffic congestion and air pollution around school.
  • The Walking School Bus is a great social opportunity for kids (and adults).
  • Regular physical activity makes everyone feel great!